by St. Paul

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released May 27, 2012



all rights reserved


St. Paul Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Spring
I'll let the snow chill to your bones just hold until it takes place
And I know how to sigh peacefully with all eyes upon me
You tried it to hard and you fell on yourself
A nod
No one does this like me
It bites at me constantly and I run around
She cant fit all of the time for one second
You are the epitome of hell
I just sit here wondering, whats inside these books
And then you burn down the bridge of the whole thing
Move gracefully through the fire it comes hotter then before
You were like an ember you take forever to leave my eyes
Burn on burn on burn on my dear
You digress and Ill regret that I can never understand
The way that you have lived before the life that you had once adored
And I can not continue this far
No I can not continue this far.
Track Name: Summer
Wasting in the desert
Wanting to believe, your promises would mean anything
Your promises fly away with wings
You tortured me from down the street
With broken glass and angry screams
What did I do to deserve to you, nothing more then adore you
Were wasting time, were wasting light
I never needed you in my life
You tore me down in bits and pieces
Regretting the things that you did to me
You tore me down in bits and pieces
Regretting the things no one ever sees
You and I alone, You and I alone
Our spark would come and go, We shared a common goal
I left forever to live my life
I was there to hold you up.